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CONSOL is an international enterprise focusing on steel belt and steel belt driving system. After years of industry accumulation and continuous development, we can provide reliable steel belt and steel belt system to customers all over the world.

We insist on steel belt as the basis of the core technology, seek to provide professional steel belt transmission solution for various industries, including the food industry, chemical industry, composite industry, rubber industry, film casting industry,etc. For Consol, quality is our only belief. The goal we pursue is to create value for our customers,solve the problems for customers pragmatically, and bring benefits and promotion to the customers.

Consol located in Guangzhou which is the center city of the pearl river delta, by setting up branches and agent cooperation way, Consol has set up a customer service network covers most of the countries around the world.No matter where you are,our steel belt all can be sent to,including installation and after-sales service.

Company willing


The most professional solution you can get,the most satisfied feeling we can have.

Business philosophy


Customers got profits,than we can succeed.

Company mission


Based on China,provide high-quality steel belt solution to the world, build a world-renowned brand, and make a name for China.

Company soul


Never forget original will, A single spark can start a prairie fire.

Quality rule


Quality,is our unique belief.