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The granulation process is not only highly efficient in product quality and output, but also minimizes the environment impact for manufacturer.

Indirect cooling technology avoids direct contact between products and cooling water, cooling water can be recycle, ultimately guarantees the quality of the final product.

Steel belt has strong heat conduction capacity, which can shorten cooling time and reduce energy cost. Moreover,it's few volatile matter and gas discharged into atmosphere, and the dust emission is also reduced to a minimum. The product is solidified directly from the molten material and will not be lapping and breaking in the future.

The process of crushing and other comminution saves the related energy costs and equipment costs.


Advantages of steel belt granulation machine

The steel belt granulation system has an outstanding flexibility, which can handle all kinds of viscosity materials and produce different sizes of particles. It can accurately control the cooling temperature / time and ensure the quality of the final product. The design of a steel belt granulation system enables it to handoff conveniently between different products and between particles of different sizes. All of these advantages make it an ideal granulation system for processing almost any kind of chemical.


The advantages of granular materials relative to other forms are:

Homogeneous hemispherical particles are easy to carry and measure

Free flowing products are convenient for transportation, mixing, storage, and downstream reprocessing

The hemispherical shape and unbreakable characteristics of the product ensure that the least amount of dust is produced

High accumulation density, convenient storage / packaging