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How to install an oven steel belt?

How to install an oven steel belt?

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oven steel belt installation


Normally,an oven steel belt can be used about 5 years, after this period, the oven steel belt becomes fatigued and cracks gradually appear at the edges. But some of the oven steel belts with lower running speed can run longer, and good equipment can greatly extend the life of the oven steel belt.

When an oven steel belt needs to be replaced, first of all, cut off the old belt and roll it up. Around 6 manpower would be fine. Second, put the new oven belt through oven, during this process, an U shape roller is needed. Third, prepare to weld the new oven belt. TIG technology and welding equipment are important.

After a new oven belt installed, heat treatment should be done on the welding area. Before biscuits&cookies baking, there has a very important process calls bake oil.