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Bake oven conveyor

A complete set of bake oven conveyor system should include driving-tensioning ends, steel belt, auto-tracking system, graphite bar, cast iron skid bars, guide roller...
Product description


Brief introduction of tunnel bake oven


Tunnel bake oven (food processing) is a tunnel type mechanical equipment that completes food baking through heat conduction, convection, and radiation. The oven body is generally very long, with a minimum of 6 meters and a length of 60 to 80 meters. The baking chamber is a long and narrow tunnel with a width generally ranging from 80cm to 140cm. There is a continuous conveyor system in the tunnel. When the food is roasted, the food produces relative movement between the conveying chain plate, steel belt and the electric heating element or the direct-fired burning rod. So as to complete the work of uniform baking and conveying. This type of oven can be produced continuously, has high production efficiency, saves manpower, and has stable baking quality. The tunnel bake oven is mainly used in industrialized food enterprises, and is characterized by continuous or intermittent baking in large quantities. Usually rated power input>24KW, operated by full-time personnel. Generally, according to different heat sources, there are electric tunnel bake ovens, gas tunnel bake ovens or natural gas tunnel bake ovens. The manufacturer can customize the length and width at will according to the production volume of the tunnel bake oven user. Scope of application: bread (staple bread, prepared bread, etc.), cakes, biscuits, snacks, egg yolk pie, moon cakes, etc.

The tunnel bake oven is a large-scale equipment that provides continuous baking and can be equipped with production line operations. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, labor saving, and stable baking quality.

According to the different baking time requirements of various products, intelligent control can be implemented through the PLC intelligent control system. Transmission frequency conversion speed regulation can realize stepless speed change.





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Bake oven conveyor