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Carbon Steelbelt-Cookies

Carbon steel belt refers to CS1300 tempered carbon steel, which has smooth and hard surface,widely used in cookies baking tunnel oven.
Product description

Use carbon steel belt as oven conveyor belt for many years, the traditional oven conveyor belt use mesh belt, which has characters of cheap, simple maintenance etc. As people has increased the demand for biscuit&cookies, and the type of products also increase, wire mesh belt can no longer meet the needs of diversified production, so more and more factories begin to consider the oven steel belt.


The steel belt has many advantages over the mesh belt.


Better compatibility

The surface of the carbon oven steel belt is smooth and flat, without potholes and holes,ensure the product will be heated evenly, resulting in better color and taste. Due to the fragile nature of cookies, only steel belt can transport it through tunnel oven. The compatibility of steel belt makes more and more manufacturers no longer choose mesh belt. Biscuit factory in different regions can choose to produce hard biscuits or soft cookies according to the local demand, and the steel belt can be compatible with any type of biscuits& cookies production.


CONSOL Carbon steel belt/oven band for all kinds of cookies baking


Better physical properties

The carbon oven steel belt has excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance, the carbon oven steel belt can work smoothly at temperature up to 350°C, no shaking makes the product have a better baking environment, greatly reducing the number of defective finished products. Most steel belts are repairable. If the steel belts are damaged or cracked for some reason, they can be restored to working condition by technical means.Generally, as long as the oven equipment is reasonable, the carbon oven steel belt is not easy to damage, so the general steel belt service life is very long, some can even reach more than ten years.


Better maintenance

The carbon oven steel belt is easy to install and can be welded or riveted.Because its strength is better than the general conveyor belt, so due to wear, fatigue and other problems are greatly reduced, only need a small amount of maintenance at ordinary times. In addition, the smooth surface is not easy to stain material and oil, do not need to spend time to clean and can have the highest level of hygiene.


Future trends

The advantages of steel belt make more and more manufacturers choose steel belt as its core conveyor belt. Steel belt can adapt to the manufacturers in the production research and development of new products and can immediately carry out trial production, which allows manufacturers to seize the most priority opportunities for new product sales, to seize the best demand market.


Carbon steel belt characteristics

Made of hardening or tempering hardened carbon steel, Consol belt has the following characteristics:

●Good flatness.

●Great static strength.

●Excellent fatigue and wear resistance.

●Outstanding thermal conductivity.

●Hard and smooth, easy to clean

●Easy to maintain.

●Better than wire mesh conveyor belt.

●Corrosion resistance,

●Have certain recycling value.


Dynamic strength

Scope of supply



Application scope

Carbon steel belt is suitable for cookies, Swiss roll, cake, white lover, chocolate, nuts cake, bread, Italian crispy cakes, muffins, brownie, puff, crackers, oaten cake, ginger bread, cereals, Christmas gingerbread, marin sugar, dragon card, French cake, pizza, sponge cake and other food production process..


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CONSOL Carbon steel belt/oven band for all kinds of cookies oven baking.cs1300
CONSOL Carbon steel belt/oven band for all kinds of cookies baking,
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