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Granulation steel belt

Stainless steel belt ASS1200 is very suitable for granulation for petrochemicals like sulphur, sulphur bentonite, paraffin wax, resin, pitch, urea, hot melt adhesive...
Product description


Stainless steelbelt granulation/Pastillator 


Free flowing particles have uniform size and mass for subsequent transportation, storage and transportation.Steel belt has large heat transfer area and small energy consumption,outstanding corrosion resistance ability of ASS1200 is suitable for sulphur granulation,wax granulation,resin granulation,pitch granulation,chemicals granulation,fertilizer granulation and so on.



Description of the Granulation/Pastillator Process 

The molten product is pumped by a heatable pump via heated pipes to the feeder of the steel belt cooler in a constant adjustable rate.

The main parts of the feeder are: a heated, fixed cylindrical body (stator) which has a recess for product flow for its entire length and an external tube which rotates around the internal stator. This external tube has many holes drilled in a regular pattern.

As soon as each hole passes the recess in the stator, a small amount of product leaves the dropformer and is deposited onto the belt to be cooled in  the form of a pastille.

The heat released during cooling and solidification is carried off by the  stainless steel belt. The excellent thermal conductivity of the steel  belt  supports this process.

Cooling water is sprayed against the underside of the steel belt through eccentric nozzles which ensures uniform wetting and thereby uniform cooling. The excellent thermal conductivity of the steel belt is a special advantage for heat removal during cooling and solidification in this process.

Fresh or recycled, recooled water may be used continuously in the cooling water spraying system.

After solidification the pastilles are scraped off from the steel belt by a discharge knife and passed on to further processing.


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Granulation steel belt