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Paraffin Wax


PE Wax

Montan Wax


Bee Wax

Depilating Waxes

Flavoured Waxes




• Uniform size of pastilles

• Consistent quality

• Stable properties over time

• Free flowing product

• Low friability and good impact abrasion resistance (low visual dust generation)

• High purity


- From melt to pastilles in one operation

  Breaking or grinding equipment is not required

- Semi-spherical pastilles of uniform size for good handling easy metering and minimum dust generation

- System versatility - easy changeover  to different products pastille sizes and solidification capacities

- No contact between product and cooling media

- Short contact between product and ambient air

   (blanketing with inert gases is possible)

- Easy service, good access, simple and light spare parts

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Steel belt cooler pastillator is suitable for granlation and flake of resin, sulfur, wax, chocolate, chemicals,foods.Good corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for a variety of materials.

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Sulphur granulation system refers to pastillator machine for sulphur,this kind of machine is one of steel belt cooler.

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Steel belt pastillator granulation production line for jewelry wax middle temperature wax

Rotary belt condensation pastillator granulator&pelletizer is using low melting point characteristic of the material (50 ℃ to 300 ℃), through the feeding head, the liquid material will drop into the upstream moving steel belt,with the continuous spray cooling device set at the bottom of the steel belt (spray type water cooling), materials will be cooled quickly and become solidification in the process of conveying

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Steel belt cooler for plastic casting system

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Steel belt flaker for chemical resin product-Consol steel belt system

Pastillator is under installation!

50m Steel belt cooler/flaker for resin flakes is under installation!

Steel belt pastillator ready GO!

After two months of producing,large-scale steel belt flake is ready for delivering.

Steel belt conveyor design

The steel belt conveyor is a type of belt conveyor that uses a highly malleable sheet steel as the conveyor belt.

50m extra-long steel belt cooler for resin flakes.

50m extra-long steel belt cooler for resin flakes.The melting material go through the overflow gate distributor...

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