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Oil spreader

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Adopts the most advanced centrifugal device
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Oil spreader

This equipment adopts the most advanced centrifugal device, which makes the oil attached to the centrifugal plate obtain great centrifugal force through the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal plate, forming atomized oil perfume biscuit. The eight groups of oil spraying devices spray oil in all directions, with good atomization, automatically adjust the amount of oil spraying and arbitrarily adjust the oil temperature.Uniform injection, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise.Beautiful appearance, convenient and reliable operation, extended oil spreading device, more oil saving and health characteristics.After oil spraying, the color, aroma and taste of the biscuits are fully improved.



Salt&Sugar spreader


The equipment is used to spread the sugar grains, salt, sesame seeds on the surface of the cake, to make the biscuits with more colors and tastes.This machine is the indispensable equipment of manufacturers of which want more biscuits varieties.The machine is equipped with recycled materials.The speed and the amount can be adjusted.Uniformly spreading,widely used,easy to operation.

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