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Precision Steelbelt

Good resistance to corrosion, heat resistance and abrasion resistance
Product description

High precision steel belt

The precision steel belt provided by Consol is mainly made of specially customized stainless steel belts and carbon steel belts, and the real positioning holes are divided into single row and double row. The hole shapes are mostly round or long-waist.


Synchronous wheel

The material of the synchronous wheel is decided according to different working environment and requirements, the common material is stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic wear-resistant materials, the belt wheel is mostly cylindrical, i-shaped design.Synchronous wheel generally has a certain rule of convex teeth or groove, their appearance is more like a half - round ball, long waist.


Precision steel belt basic material characters

Stainless steel: good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, it is the ideal choice, the only disadvantage is high cost.

Carbon steel: wear - resistant, easy to rust, must do rust - proof treatment.

Aluminum: light and free from rust, requiring a hard chrome finish to improve the wear resistance of the surface.

Non-metallic materials: materials with certain wear resistance and high density can be used for belt wheel.

At the same time of choosing rotter steel belt, it is better to use Consol’s synchronous wheel, so as to avoid that the steel belt and the belt wheel designed by the user do not coincide with each other, which can not jam or abnormal noise occurs in the process of operation, operation accuracy is poor, etc.


Steel belt with attachments

With the steel belt as the carrier, various components and devices can be added to the steel belt to meet more functional requirements.At present, in the pharmaceutical, food, electronic components automatic packaging production line and the continuous assembly line, the use of the steel belt above are loaded with various forms of accessories, some is to stop the filling, some is to locate the assembly, all the components must meet the bending operation conditions and tensile limits of the steel belt.The steel belt can not only run independently, but also be used in multiple combinations (multi-row parallel, interleaving) to meet its requirements.


Plating steel belt

CONSOL coatings are based on circular and open-end finished steel bands and are coated on their surfaces according to their conditions of use. The techniques available include TEFLON thermal plating, titanium plating, and high-heat spray thermal insulation coatings.The purpose of coating the surface of the steel belt: the surface of the steel belt anti-adhesion the surface of the steel belt anti-slip the surface of the steel belt heat insulation

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Precision Steelbelt