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Steel belt

Steel belt

Carbon Steelbelt-Cookies

Carbon steel belt refers to CS1300 tempered carbon steel, which has smooth and hard surface,widely used in cookies baking tunnel oven.

Granulation steel belt

Stainless steel belt ASS1200 is very suitable for granulation for petrochemicals like sulphur, sulphur bentonite, paraffin wax, resin, pitch, urea, hot melt adhesive...

Oven steel belt

Oven steel belt refers to the conveyor belt on the production line of tunnel oven, which is one of the most core parts of tunnel oven...

Stainless Steelbelt-IQF

Consol AS1200 steel belt is a kind of special steel belt that can adapt to extreme environment

Stainless Steelbelt-Chocolate

Stainless Steelbelt is the core technology in candy/chocolate granulation/ pelleting production process.

Carbon Steelbelt-Biscuits

Carbon steel belt /oven band for biscuits is more friendly for baking hard biscuit,better taste because of uniform heating...

Perforated steel belt

Steam escapes uniformly from the underside of the product with less cavitation improving product appearance

Perforted Steelbelt-Baking

The steam escapes evenly from the pores of the steel belt to ensure a good appearance of the product.

Martensitic Steelbelt MS-1650

The CONSOL MS1650 belt grade is made of low martensitic stainless steel of type 15-7 PH
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