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Sulphur granulation

Sulphur granulation system refers to pastillator machine for sulphur,this kind of machine is one of steel belt cooler.
Product description



Consol Sulphur granulation refers to pastillator machine for sulphur, this kind of machine is one of steel belt cooler. Sulphur pastilles have many advantages such as uniform size, non-dust, easy to measure and transport, not easy to break...Sulphur granulation system is also available for chemical fertilizer products like urea, sulphur bentonite and so on.


Sulfur is one of the important inorganic pesticides.The product is yellow solid or powder with obvious smell and can be volatilized.Sulfur water suspension is slightly acidic, insoluble in water, and reacts with alkali to form polysulfide.Sulfur dioxide gas is produced by combustion.In the production of sulfur is often processed into rubber suspension used for the prevention and control of pests and diseases, it is safe to people, livestock, not easy to cause crop damage.


A pump transports the mixture from the mixing vessel via a filter into the feeding system. The system consists of a heated cylindrical stator which is supplied with liquid product, and a perforated rotating shell that turns concentrically around the stator, depositing sulphur drops across the whole operating width of the steel belt.


The circumferential speed of the feeding system is synchronised with the speed of the belt: drops are therefore deposited without deformation. Heat released during solidification and cooling is transferred by the stainless steel belt to cooling water sprayed against the belt underside. This water is collected in tanks and returned to the recooling plant; at no stage does it come into contact with the sulphur.


At the cooler end, pastilles are taken off with a discharge knife and pass via a chute to a collecting belt for further processing. To eliminate the possibility of damage to the pastilles during discharge, a silicon-based release agent is applied to the steel belt as a thin film by means of a roller system. An automatic filling system ensures that sufficient quantity of the release agent is always held in the tank.



Advantages of Process


• Product quality - uniform shaped pastille

• Solidification - well defined cooling time

• Heat transfer - indirect, no contact between product and cooling medium

• Flexibility - rapid changeover to partial operation without changes in quality:  modular design means each unit can be operated individually 



Low power consumption

 Low water consumption by use of a recooling system

 Low compressed air and instrument air consumption

 Low steam consumption


Many soils throughout the world suffer from rising pH levels. The plant nutrient sulphur has proved extremely useful for increasing soil acidity or lowering soil pH. Global demand for sulphur for agricultural use has therefore grown rapidly in recent years. Elemental sulphur, although available in large quantities, cannot be used as nutrient, mainly because it is not soluble in water, a granule of elemental sulphur takes a long time to dissolve into the soil...


So sulphur bentonite pastille is developed. Mix sulphur and bentonite with a certain proportion, and use the same principle granulation process, people can get the better sulphur complex fertilizer for agriculture. 



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