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Water soluble film-Steel belt film casting system


Water soluble film-Steel belt film casting system

Water soluble film is a new type of environmental protection packaging material processed by special process, which can be rapidly degraded by natural factors (H2O). Through the action of natural factors (H2O), it can be rapidly denaturalized, decomposed and degraded to low molecular compounds, and has the effect of improving land.Therefore, it belongs to a new type of environmental protection packaging material.In Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have been recognized by the environment department.Because of its environmental protection characteristics, it has been widely paid attention to by the developed countries in the world.Foreign pesticide, chemical industry and other large companies have widely used water-soluble film packaging their products.With the development and progress of the society, people pay more and more attention to the protection of the environment we live on, especially after China's entry into the WTO, and the world's developed countries, the environmental protection requirements on packaging is increasing, so the application of water-soluble packaging film in China must be very broad.



Water soluble film-Steel belt film casting system


(1) water soluble, cold water soluble.Water solution speed can be selected, non-toxic and pollution-free.

(2) anti-static water-soluble film is a kind of anti-static film. Different from other plastic films, it has good anti-static property. In the process of using water-soluble film to package products, its plasticity will not be reduced due to static electricity and its performance of electrostatic dust.

(3) water and gas transmittance.The water-soluble film has a strong permeability to water and ammonia gas, but has a good barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas.These characteristics, so that it can be intact packaging product ingredients and original smell.

(4) heat sealing water-soluble packaging film has good heat sealing, suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing, heat sealing strength is related to temperature and humidity, pressure, time and other conditions, generally more than 200g/cm2 (5) mechanical properties.Mechanical properties of water-soluble packaging film: strong modulus 2500 ~ 400kg/cm2, tearing force 200 ~ 50kg/cm2, elongation 150 ~ 220%.

(5) oil resistance and chemical resistance of water soluble packaging film has good oil resistance, vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat and organic solvent resistance and carbohydrate, etc., but the strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radicals and other can react with PVA, borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc., this kind of material with water soluble film packaging is not recommended.



Water solution film

(1) inner packing bag of pesticide and chemical products.It can avoid touching pesticides and chemical products by hand. There are no residual pesticides in plastic bags.

(2) packaging bag of cement additive (silicon powder, etc.).Avoid the dust flying to harm the environment;

(3) embroidery, wigs and other fabric carriers.Foil carrier, easy to clean;

(4) artificial large stone demoulding membrane.The mold can be quickly demoulded by placing a water-soluble membrane inside the mold.

(5) surface printing (water transfer).After printing on the film, it can be transferred to the curved surface.

(6) seed belt.Pack the seeds at regular intervals and bury them in the ground to save valuable seeds and busy thinning seedlings.

(7) hospital washing packaging bags.Clean clothes that do not come into contact with contamination;

(8) the hot water soluble film is suitable for garment packaging;


(9) after compounding with other plastics, it can be used for food preservation packaging and air cushion bags.



Water soluble film-Steel belt film casting system


Quality index of cold water soluble film

The quick-soluble (q-type) water-soluble plastic film produced by our company is tested according to the following standards:

1. Appearance: the appearance is basically smooth and flat, without obvious dents, convex marks, bubbles, impurities, ripples, cracks and other defects.Among them:

1) impurities, diameter ≤0.8mm, quantity ≤25 / m2 2) bubbles, diameter ≤1.0mm, quantity ≤25 / m2

3) wrinkles, small amounts allowed

4) end face evenness, ≤2mm2, size deviation: width ±2mm, thickness ±0.005mm, length ±1m3, same roll film joint: ≤2

4. Technical indicators:

1) tensile strength >25 Mpa2) elongation at break >180%3) right-angle tearing force >80 KN/m5, water solubility: start to dissolve <25 seconds

No filamentous impurities after complete dissolution <20 min.(measurement of water temperature: 25℃; 6cm×6cm flake test)

6. Storage period: two years.(if the goods are stored without moisture)

7.Special products shall be decided by negotiation.

How to identify the quality of cold-water soluble film products:

How can customers identify the quality of water soluble film products in the purchase of pva water soluble film

Think about it in terms of...

1) water solubility:

The cold water soluble film requires that all water can be dissolved above 4℃.The faster it melts, the better.

The less residue remains after dissolution, the better.

The cleaner the water is, the better.

2) appearance quality:

The flatter the rewind, the better.The outer surface of the rewinding shall not have obvious concavity and wrinkles

The two end faces of the roll film should be as flat as possible, within ±2mm.

The surface of the film can not have bubbles, holes, slag, black spots and other defects.

3) mechanical strength:

The tensile strength shall be above 25Mpa.Too little breaks easily.

Elongation at break is required to be above 180%.Less is not soft.

Right Angle tear resistance is required to be about 80KN/m.Otherwise it's brittle when it breaks.

4) storage time: the storage date of water-soluble film with stable quality can be more than 1-2 years (under the condition of no moisture).

The poor quality of the water-soluble membrane stored in 1-2 months, due to the instability of the quality, many chemical components will be from the membrane


Out, there is a lot of white dust.The badly rolled film will blacken and discolor.


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