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Carbon Steelbelt-Biscuits

Carbon steel belt /oven band for biscuits is more friendly for baking hard biscuit,better taste because of uniform heating...
Product description
CONSOL Carbon steel belt/oven band for all kinds of biscuits baking

CS1300 Carbon Steelbelt is tempered carbon steel,which has follow steel belt characteristics:

Good static strength

Outstanding fatigue resistance

Great thermal conductivity

Excellent fatigue and wear resistance

Easy to maintain and repair



Carbon Steelbelt-Biscuits CS1300 has the hard and smooth surface,which has a layer of oxide on it.This steel belt is widely used in many fields with low causticity environment.Because of the outstanding thermal conductivity,CS1300 is very suitable for baking process,it also performs well in heating and drying liquid,paste and particle.


General corrosion

Although there is a layer of oxide on surface,but Carbon Steelbelt-Biscuits CS1300 is still corroded easily in the water solution,especially acid solution.The corrosion of CS1300 is accelerated by increasing temperature, velocity of flow,acidity, and salt content in solution Chromate (CrO4-2) and nitrate(NO3-) will inhibit corrosion in neutral solution.


Pitting and crevice corrosion

The carbon steel may be sensitive to pitting and cracking in solutions of a relative low oxide content.


Hydrogen embrittlement

Consol CS1300 steel belt is susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement , special heat treatment of the steel belt is required if the steel belt is exposed to hydrogen embrittlement envirment.



Carbon Steelbelt-Biscuits CS1300 has good welding property, a suitable fusion welding method is gas-shielded arc welding,with the TIG method as first choice.


Before welding,heat treatment should be applied evenly to ensure the mechanical property(static and dynamic) of welding joint.More information please contact CONSOL office.

CONSOL Carbon steel belt/oven band for all kinds of biscuits bakingCONSOL Carbon steel belt/oven band for all kinds of biscuits baking

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Carbon Steelbelt-Biscuits