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Steel belt cooler

Product description

Steel belt cooler pastillator is suitable for granlation and flake of resin, sulfur, wax, chocolate, chemicals,foods.Good corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for a variety of materials.
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Product Details

Steel belt cooler pastillator technology 


Under the new situation,the advantages of the steel belt cooler pastillator have been continuously explored and become an indispensable production equipment in various industrial fields, a large number of companies who need powder and solidification are greatly used the steel belt cooler as core production line.


 · In the field of agricultural production, the requirements of appearance, physical properties, composition and release effect of fertilizers have changed greatly. Fertilizer sow machine requires good particle uniformity and dispersion, so steel belt cooler for granulation is the best choice.Fertilizer produced by steel belt pastillator is well packaging and transporting, low pollution, good formability. Ingredients require more and balanced, due to the ground fertilization.


 · In the field of chemical production, due to the requirements of the environment and production process, especially the addition form of catalyst, there are requirements on the shape of materials for granulation.Chemical granulation produced by steel belt cooler is more easy to calculate,less powder, the dust can greatly reduce inside the packaging.The size of granulation can be adjusted according to different applications.


 · In the field of dye production, the physical properties of dyes can be effectively changed by agglomeration granulation, while dust pollution can be prevented, the solubility and the operating environment can be improved, and the operating environment can be improved.The great heat-conducting capabilities of steel belt cooler pastillator can maximize the output of powder coating.


 · In the field of pharmaceutical production, a layer of film is formed on the surface of the drug through coating and granulation technology, because the film can improve the appearance, conceal the bad smell, facilitate the patient to take, control the drug release, improve the drug release curve, moisture proof, avoid light, and isolate the air to increase the stability of the drug.




Such a wide range of applications of steel belt pastillator is mainly due to the irreplaceable advantages of itself. 

1. High efficiency and environmental protection; materials and cooling water are completely out of contact to avoid mutual pollution;Cooling water can be recycled;Very few volatile gases and dust production.

2. Simplify the process.For example, steel belt cooler can achieve the material from the molten state to the final curing.

3. The product is convenient for storage, transportation, mixing, packaging and subsequent processing.

4. Low energy consumption, less investment, easy to operate.

5. Good corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for a variety of materials.

Main types of steel belt cooler pastillator


Features of single steel belt granulation/flakes cooler

The whole machine structure is block overlap type, with arbitrary length combination;The types of the former are internal rotation, external rotation and reciprocating.The speed of the former and the speed of the steel belt are stepless.The control system is stable and reliable with superior performance.


Application direction/performance characteristics of single steel belt cooler: the product shape is pellet, strip and flake;The production capacity of single belt cooler is 300-30000 tons/year. Typical materials are petroleum resin, phenolic resin, poly Amide resin, rosin resin, terpene;Paraffin, sulfur, asphalt, maleic anhydride, trimellitic anhydride, alkali sulfide, oleic acid, hexapalamide resin, fatty acids;Plasticizer (dispersant), aluminum sulfate, calcium chloride;Anti-aging agent RD, anti-aging agent 4010Na;M-phenylenediamine, catechol, stearate, sodium thiohydride;Polyethylene wax, MOCA, p-nitrochlorobenzene;EVA hot melt adhesive, bisphenol A, fatty alcohol, etc.


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Steel belt cooler pastillator is suitable for granlation and flake of resin, sulfur, wax, chocolate, chemicals,foods.Good corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for a variety of materials.

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