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Double belt flaker

Product description

Double belt flaker is a steel belt cooling system with advantages of small space occupation but large capacity,high efficiency and strong practicality.
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Product Details

For certain applications, the double belt flaker/cooler cooling system offers significant advantages over a single belt cooler,particularly in terms of increased capacity, as the product is in contact with two cooling belts.The efficiency of this operation is further enhanced by the system's relatively compact dimensions, enabling more to be produced from less floor space.Products such as waxes and resins, which tend to curl away from a single belt, can be processed with complete confidence.It is possible to cool thicker products with a uniform discharge temperature over the whole cross section.

The double belt flaker/cooler also helps to eliminate vapors and fumes between the belts and keep them from the operating area.The product is fed onto the upper surface of the lower belt which carries it to the central cooling zone,where the pressure of the upper belt ensures constant contact with both cooling surfaces.Loading and discharge methods are arranged to suit individual products and can incorporate breaker equipment at the discharge station if required.


Double Belt Flaker/Cooler Specification


Feeding:Weir or Casting Box (depending on viscosity of product)



Lower Belt Cooler:Tension terminal with closed drum

Intermediate cooling section with spraying zone

(8m³/h per 5m section)

Drive terminal with closed drum and slip-on gear drive





Upper Belt Cooler

Tension terminal with sheave assembly

Intermediate cooling section with cooling water feed

and suction pipes including suction pumps

(5m³/h per 5m section, one pump, approx. 1kW)

Drive terminal with sheave assembly

(Drive of upper belt cooler by friction only)




finger or pin type, drive power approx 5kW

(depending of final product size requirement)

Key words:

Double belt


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