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Oven steel belt

Product description

Oven steel belt refers to the conveyor belt on the production line of tunnel oven, which is one of the most core parts of tunnel oven...
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Product Details

Analysis of oven band

Oven steel belt refers to the conveyor belt on the production line of tunnel oven, which is one of the most core parts of tunnel oven. It is widely used in the production process of bakery products such as cookies, biscuits, cakes and desserts and so on.The steel belt has been used as the conveyor belt of the oven for more than half a century. Up to now, the steel belt still plays an irreplaceable role and is gradually replacing the use rate of the mesh belt in the oven.


Oven steel belt conveyor system

Oven conveyor system generally consists of several parts like oven steel belt, driving ends, tension ends and all kinds of oven accessories such as steel belt tracking device, graphite bar, cast iron block, limit wheels... Many spare parts are not on the mesh belt oven, so steel belt oven is high cost not only because of the steel belt.The mesh belt oven looks like steel belt oven, but upgrading to the steel belt oven requires a lot of consideration and a lot of time and money to complete the design and transformation.


Serving life of oven steel belt

The steel belt has almost all the good working characteristics of the wire mesh belt. The most important thing is that the oven steel belt can satisfy the production of almost baking products.The only disadvantage is that the price will be a little more expensive, but the relative life is very long,normally,the general life of the oven steel belt can reach more than 5 years.After that time, the degree of matching with the equipment will be greatly influenced, the more sophisticated and reasonable equipment is more conducive to improve the life of the oven steel belt.In terms of the working condition speed of the oven steel belt, the slower speed, the longer serving life will be.The operating speed of the steel belt used for IQF freezing is the slowest, with an average speed of about 1-2m/min, so the service life of the IQF steel belt can generally reach more than 10 years.The operation speed of the steel belt used for chemical granulation is relatively fast, the fastest may reach 140m/min, so the life of the chemical steel belt is usually relatively short, with an average life of about 1-2 years.So 1 steel belt can replace the service life of 3 wire mesh belts, in the long run the price difference between the steel strip and the wire strip is very small, with the addition of many advantages of oven steel belt, why not choose a oven steel belt?



Dynamic strength of oven steel belt

The definition of fatigue limit means under a certain alternating stress, 50% of the test samples can withstand the load cycle of 2 million times. Test at 20 ℃ dry environment, the fatigue limit of parent metal is + 460 N/mm squared (Kis) 67.


Scope of supply of oven steel belt

●Length: customizable

●Width: 0~1500 mm(single brand)

●Thickness: 0.8mm-1.2mm.

●The width of the single oven band is up to 1500mm, vertical jointing more than this width,special specifications can be customized.



Oven steel belt should be tempered after welding.TIG welding skill is the first choice.


Application scope

Suitable for cookies, Swiss roll, cake, white lover, chocolate, nuts cake, bread, Italian crispy cakes, muffins, brownie, puff, crackers, oaten cake, ginger bread, cereals, Christmas gingerbread, marin sugar, dragon card, French cake, pizza, sponge cake and other food production process.


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