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Perforated steel belt

Product description

Steam escapes uniformly from the underside of the product with less cavitation improving product appearance
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Product Details

Consol has a lot of technology to reach the requirements of different customers through mechanical or non-mechanical methods.Precise holes can be made in perforated steel belt, this kind of belt is widely used in:

Vacuum conveying




There are no burs on both sides of the perforated steel belt, surface is smooth and bright, and the flatness will not become worse during the processing.



Application of precision microporous belt in vacuum adsorption and transfer process


In our industrial production line, there are a lot of products are suitable in the vacuum adsorption to achieve the purpose of continuous delivery products, as a kind of product with light quality and easy to slide during the process of continuous transmission, use the vacuum system at the bottom of the perforated steel belt, to transfer the production by adsorption of perforated steel belt or fixed in a setting position.



Scope of supply



Width:2000mm(No merging)

Thickness:0.4/0.5/0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm



Perforated steel belts hole shapes



Scope of supply


Width2000mmNo merging

Thickness0.4/0.5/0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm


The benefits of perforated steel belts

• 15-20 years lifetime is not unusual

• Consistent product shape and size give benefits in handling and packaging

• Highly flexible universal bake oven belt with the ability to bake both mesh and solid belt products with good and consistent quality

• Steam escapes uniformly from the underside of the product with less cavitation improving product appearance

• For coated composite biscuits etc. reduced cavities mean economic use of cream, chocolate etc.

• Smooth surface gives good product release

• Excellent heat transfer

• Hygienic and more easily cleaned than wire mesh belts means less down time

• Faster belt speeds increase production output

• No stretching or deformation due to perforations, good tension and tracking characteristics

mean lower maintenance, compared with wire mesh belts

• Less energy needed than for heavier wire mesh belts and solid belts, lowering production costs

• Different perforation patterns available

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