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Steelbelt-Film casting

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Excellent thermal conductivity, high efficiency
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Nowadays ,with more and more films using in human life. there are lots of steel belt coating systems and press systems have no industry standard which leads to different quality of films.


Through continues exploring, manufacturer come to realize that except for technical formula, steel belt is directly influence the film thickness ,uniformity, peeling ,color, transparency and other characters.



Film casting drying system


Watered materials are evenly spread on the steel belt conveyor system through spread machine. Then steel belt conveys the materials to the drying tunnel furnace which is heated by PTC and quartz heating pipe, water vapor is carried away by the air circulation dehumidification system. Materials on the steel belt is dried and solidified into a uniform thin layer, and finally scraped off the steel belt by the scraper and collected by winding machine.


CONSOL film coating production line is very flexible, widely used for all kinds of coating technology and materials, to ensure excellent quality, Whether the material is liquid, mushy or sticky, it is available for CONSOL to customize production line according to different requirements of customers' products and technology.


Continuous production and high efficiency is the core advantage of steel belt casting system, which is beneficial to environmental protection and flexible to integrate multiple production processes on the same production line, such as pressure, temperature and cooling .CONSOL rich experience and professional technology in film coating ,and is able to provide polishing steel belt, high-efficiency coating equipment ,engineering design and after-sales service.



In the production process, humidity control is also important, because poor humidity control will cause a "skin" on the surface of the product ,which will prolong the production time and even affect the product quality .In addition to temperature and humidity, the air flow and pressure will also affect the efficiency of the whole production. Different heat treatment processes are suitable for different products.





●Excellent thermal conductivity, high efficiency

Good fatigue resistance and not easy plastic stretching

No pollution and environment-friendly, good corrosion resistant

Hard and smooth surface, easy for material separated from steel belt

High temperature resistant, easy to clean and disinfect, no rust.




Welding skill


The whole set of after-sales service is indispensable,it is very important to take regular inspection and maintenance for steel belt,as this can reduce unnecessary production break.In addition,the welding environment and the polishing treatment are very important for the surface quality of the whole steel belt.CONSOL have complete training,consultation and solution system. 

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