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Water soluble film casting

Water soluble film casting system is based on steel belt tunnle dryer, the wet material will be extruded from feeder and go through the steel belt tunnel oven...
Product description


   Steel belt dryers extract all moisture from sheets, powders, flakes, fibers or wet materials such as sludge prior to production. To dry the material efficiently, air is guided through a perforated belt. In dryers without perforated belts, the hot air flows to the material along the production area and dries the material. The raw material is also dehydrated on the inside by using efficient types of heating such as hot air, hot water or electrical heat. The stainless steel belts made in Consolallow high temperatures used for drying.


Application for food


Potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, Onions, sugar-infused cranberries, garlic, carrots, orange peel, cranberries, AGAR and gum, pet food, meat fillings, seaweed, nuts, seeds, even troublesome products like grapes,strawberrys.



Up to 50% less processing time.

Modular design allows different units to be plugged into a multi-stage dryer, providing the best time/temperature configuration for each product.

The airflow system can effectively suppress the dust production of unwanted products.

Minimal production costs due to reduced power consumption and lower labor requirements.

High hygiene level, the total number of bacteria/yeasts/molds is much lower than other continuous drying methods.

Excellent product quality and outlook.



Film casting drying system


Watered materials are evenly spread on the steel belt conveyor system through spread machine. Then steel belt conveys the materials to the drying tunnel furnace which is heated by PTC and quartz heating pipe, water vapor is carried away by the air circulation dehumidification system. Materials on the steel belt is dried and solidified into a uniform thin layer, and finally scraped off the steel belt by the scraper and collected by winding machine.


CONSOL film coating production line is very flexible, widely used for all kinds of coating technology and materials, to ensure excellent quality, Whether the material is liquid, mushy or sticky, it is available for CONSOL to customize production line according to different requirements of customers' products and technology.

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Water soluble film casting