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Steel belt for chocolate

Product description

Stainless Steelbelt is the core technology in candy/chocolate granulation/ pelleting production process.
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Product Details

Stainless steelbelt-chocolate

-The core technology in candy/chocolate production process

The melt chocotale drop on the steel belt and conveyed to the cooling zone and solidified into granulation. Steel belt has a great influence in the chocolate cooling process, we can product almost any length/width steel belt,apply to the system from material to production.Not only we offer steel belt replacing service,but also support steel conveyor system for equipment manufacturer including drums,supports,tracking devices and clean scrapers.


We can design,produce and install all kinds of cooling systems,which are clean and efficiency by using cooling air or cooling water. Stainless steel belt has a long service life for chocolate production line.


Our chocolate granulation system is a continues solution from melting to cure,it can achieve mass production for quality granulation,and adapt for high viscosity product up to 50,000mPas,sizes from 3 to 15mm. Stainless steel belt can reach speed up to 60m/min .


The steel belt also can be used for curing caramel and candy.Furthermore,we provide steel belt for chocolate equipment manufacture,but also provide the whole system equipment  including feeding device,strip making device and cutter/flaker.


Characteristic of Stainless steel belt-chocolate AS1200

●Good flatness.

Outstanding straightness and tracking.

Corrosion resistance.

Long serving life.

Excellent mechanical strength.

Perfect welding quality.

V-type adhesive tape.

Different requirements for general products.

Scope of supply


Width2000mmNo merging

Thickness0.4/0.5/0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm

The thermal properties of austenitic stainless steel AS1200 steel belt, coupled with its hard, durable and smooth surface, makes it very suitable for handling high temperature, high viscosity, oil, sharp or rough materials, and is widely used in chocolate cooling and other fields.

Key words:

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stainless steel belt for chocolate

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