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Film casting

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Main application of film industry The main application examples are: environmental water-soluble membrane; electronic material PI membrane; semi-permeable membrane;

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Main application of film industry
Examples of main applications are:
Environmental protection water soluble film;
Electronic Materials PI Film
Semi-permeable membrane;

Kensho's advantages in the water soluble film industry:
The only domestic manufacturer that focuses on the steel belt film casting system, has been deeply cultivating the film casting industry for many years, and the international team can provide you with international advanced film production technology;
★The first to provide a complete set of technology to produce water soluble film manufacturers, currently with most of the domestic mainstream film manufacturers;
★Can provide a complete set of equipment production technology requires extremely high microporous membrane Microfiltration membrane;
★In cooperation with Japanese senior technology companies, we can provide domestic customers with ultra-mirror film casting systems for PI film, TAC film and other production processes.
-The only manufacturer in China that can provide the complete process of steel belt film casting system. We can provide the complete system from reactor, material pump, extruder head, steel belt drying, film winding, online detection, heating system, etc.
-Kensho has rich industry experience and is involved in a variety of categories in the film industry, including water soluble film, PI film, optical film, biological film, waterproof film, semi-permeable film, packaging film, etc.
-Kensho team is very willing to cooperate with customers to develop new products, because we have a scientific research to the end of the determination, willing to provide full help for the country to solve the card neck project.

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