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Single belt flaker

Single belt flaker

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steel belt cooler flaker granulator

steel belt cooler flaker granulator

Steel belt flaker working principle


The melting material go through the overflow gate distributor or rolling distributor and spread on the steel belt which is moving at a constant speed, there are continuous spraying and cooling units set under  the steel belt, to ensure the material in the steel belt can be solidified quickly, and get the final flake production. After the cooling system,the flakes will be broken into small pieces by breaker and go to the next packing processing.




the steel belt flaker is suitable for all kinds of materials with melting point (softening point) at 250℃ to condense for flaking, typical application materials are resin, asphalt, stearic acid products, hot sol, m-phenylene diamine, urea, rubber and plastic additives.



Main advantages

·Reduce dust and improve operating environment;

·Continuous operation to improve production efficiency.

·Thin steel strip heat transfer and forced spray cooling, so that hot melt materials can be quickly solidified.

·The steel belt and the distributor adopt frequency conversion to adjust the speed, which can be adjusted and controlled conveniently according to the production capacity and physical property.


·The system operation is stable and reliable.




steel belt cooler flaker granulator