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Stainless steel belt


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Characteristic of stainless steel belt 

●Good flatness.

●Outstanding straightness and tracking.

●Corrosion resistance.

●Long serving life.

●Excellent mechanical strength.

●Perfect welding quality.

●V-type adhesive tape.

●Different requirements for general products.


Application scope

The application of austenitic stainless steel belt in chemical industry.

Sulphur formation: sulfur granulation, sulfur flake.

Powder coating: PVC additive, PVC stabilizer.

Resin: acrylic resin, rosin resin, epoxy resin, hydrocarbon resin, phenolic resin, polyamide resin, polyester resin, silicone resin.

Fertilizer industry: urea, UV stabilizer, sulfur bentonite,paraffin, additives, rubber additives, hot melt adhesive, asphalt, asphalt, emulsifier, fat fertilizer, herbicide.

The application of austenitic stainless steel belt infood industry

High temperature resistence:Steamed cakes,steamed sandwiches, steamed buns,dumplings and other food steaming;

Low temperature resistence:Candy, chocolate, gum base and other food cooling/curing, regulating, pelleting, pouring; seafood freezing, processing, etc.

Food grade:Vegetables and fruits drying conveying system, meat delivery, chocolate powder delivery and so on.