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Perforated steel belt

Perforated steel belt

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Perforated steel belt

The perforated steel belt is obtained by processing with ordinary steel belt, either carbon steel or stainless steel all can be perforated.

In some applications, such as vacuum conveying, drying, baking, filtration, screening, etc., the perforated steel is the best choice. We provide the following steel belt solutions for these applications.



Thickness: 0.8mm-1.2mm

Width: 50mm-3000mm

Hole: 0.8mm to infinity

Can be made different hole shapes 


Excellent performance

Corrosion resistance

Easy to clean

ON plastic and other harmful material

Long serving life

Easy to maintain

Good flatness


Why do we need perforated steel belt?

On the basis of our years of experience, the common wire-mesh belt is much cheaper than the steel belt ,but the mesh belt has many limitations in performance.In the interests of energy saving,high quality processing,steel belt is the best choice. The following are some advantages of steel belt compare with wire-mesh belt:

 Near 10 years serving life and no deformation.

Uniform shape and outlook easy to measuring and packaging.

Smooth surface that easy to fall off.

Easy to clean and reducing the time of maintenance.

Energy saving.

Many different perforation styles can be chosen.