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Stainless steel belt

Stainless steel belt

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Characteristic of stainless steel belt AS1200


●Good flatness.

●Outstanding straightness and tracking.

●Corrosion resistance.

●Long serving life.

●Excellent mechanical strength.

●Perfect welding quality.

●V-type adhesive tape.

●Different requirements for general products.


Dynamic strength

The definition of fatigue limit is that under a certain alternating stress, 50% of the test samples can withstand the load cycle of 2 million times. Test at 20 ℃ dry 

environment, the fatigue limit of parent metal is + 470 N/mm squared (68 Ksi).


Corrosion resistance

In within the temperature range - 50 ° to 300 °, Consol stainless steel belt AS1200 showed good corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance to chemical, textile, petroleum, food and dairy industries. Because of the low carbon content of AS1200, there is no carbide precipitation in the welding process, thus reducing the intergranular corrosion.




Generally, Consol stainless steel belt AS1200 is  feasible for conventional fusion or resistance welding.Special attention should be paid to the formation of ferrite during welding,thus avoiding "thermal cracking". AS1200 is the most common stainless steel in this class of steel.


Scope of supply



Width2000mmNo merging

Thickness0.4/0.5/0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm

The thermal properties of austenitic stainless steel AS1200 steel belt, coupled with its hard, durable and smooth surface, makes it very suitable for handling high temperature, high viscosity, oil, sharp or rough materials, and is widely used in chemical and food cooling and curing molding and other fields.


Application scope


The application of austenitic stainless steel in chemical industry.

Sulfur formation: sulfur granulation, sulfur flake.

Powder coating: PVC additive, PVC stabilizer.

Resin: acrylic resin, rosin resin, epoxy resin, hydrocarbon resin, phenolic resin, polyamide resin, polyester resin, silicone resin.

Fertilizer industry: urea, UV stabilizer, sulfur bentonite,paraffin, additives, rubber additives, hot melt adhesive, asphalt, asphalt, emulsifier, fat fertilizer, herbicide.

The application of austenitic stainless steel infood industry

High temperature resistenceSteamed cakes,steamed sandwiches, steamed bunsdumplings and other food steaming;

Low temperature resistenceCandy, chocolate, gum base and other food cooling/curing, regulating, pelleting, pouring; seafood freezing, processing, etc.

Food grade:Vegetables and fruits drying conveying system, meat delivery, chocolate powder delivery and so on.