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steel belt conveyor system spare parts

Tension end

One steel belt tension system, including a tension drum with two sides coated with anti-rust paint, surface made of stainless steel. Two bearings, steel bracket, both sides equipped with screw spring set adjustable steel belt left and right tension and a safety cleaning device, to protect the steel belt.


Driving end

Drive end with one drum with a stainless steel surface, painted on the sides and two bearings. One galvanized steel bracket, one screw tension device and one safety cleaning device;One reducer, the motor power is about 5.5kw, the frequency converter can be used for speed regulation.


Tracking system

The steel belt tracking system is the core part of the whole transmission system. A good tracking system can greatly reduce the maintenance times of the steel belt and extend the service life of the steel belt. Consol has many years of experience in tracking system and can provide customers with the most reliable tracking system.


Graphite bar

A graphite strip is the component that supports and lubricates the steel belt and often used in the oven conveying system of carbon steel steel belt. As a consumable, Consol's high density graphite bar has a very long service life.



Driving the tensioning end will use the drum, a good drum can well cooperate with the steel belt for conveying work. Drum can also be replaced by the spoke wheel, the spoke wheel has advantages with light weight and low cost, but the overall stability is not as good as the drum.



V-rope is a common unit of steel belt that is used to guide the belt, stick on the back of the steel belt with the role of the drum to correct the deviation of the steel belt. Another function is to block the liquid on steel belt.


Feeding head (Pastillator head)

The Feeding head is one of the most important parts of the whole steel belt cooler, which can determine the size and output of granulating products.Different products have different viscosity, so the use of the feeding head is not the same.