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Drying System

steel belt drying system

Increasing demand for dried or dehydrated products has created a need for efficient fruit and vegetable processing systems.This is exactly what the system we developed can provide.

Based on our perforated steel strip, this system ensures a controlled dehydration process through the airflow to the product.Combined with a controlled steel belt delivery speed, this feature can reduce processing time by more than 50% while still maintaining perfect quality and a minimum bacterial count.


steel belt drying system 

Characteristics of the steel belt dryer


· Operation of the steel belt dryer is flexible. After wet materials enter the belt dryer, the drying process will be in a completely sealed area,better working conditions to avoid the leakage of dust.

· Material in the steel belt dryer moves along with the conveyor belt in a same drying time,suitable for material color change or for some drying processes which moisture content is required to be uniform. In addition, the vibration and impact of the steel belt are very slight, the materials are not easily broken, so it is also suitable for processing some not allowed to be broken.

· The steel belt dryer can not only dry the material, but also can do process like baking or cooking.

· The structure of the belt dryer is simple and easy to install and maintain.

· Continuous production capacity.



Film casting drying system


Watered materials are evenly spread on the steel belt conveyor system through spread machine. Then steel belt conveys the materials to the drying tunnel furnace which is heated by PTC and quartz heating pipe, water vapor is carried away by the air circulation dehumidification system. Materials on the steel belt is dried and solidified into a uniform thin layer, and finally scraped off the steel belt by the scraper and collected by winding machine.


CONSOL film coating production line is very flexible, widely used for all kinds of coating technology and materials, to ensure excellent quality, Whether the material is liquid, mushy or sticky, it is available for CONSOL to customize production line according to different requirements of customers' products and technology.




Water soluble film casting system is based on steel belt tunnle dryer, the wet material will be extruded from feeder and go through the steel belt tunnel oven...

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Steam escapes uniformly from the underside of the product with less cavitation improving product appearance

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