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Precision steel belt

Precision steel belt

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Precision steel belt is the steel belt with a width less than 400mm and less than 1mm thickness. There are many kinds of small steel belts, such as ordinary ring steel belt, coated steel belt, perforated steel belt, open straight steel belt, rectifying steel belt and so on.


Precision steel belt characteristics


Flat surface and uniform thickness of steel belt;

Good resistance to corrosion, heat resistance and abrasion resistance;

Dust free, anti-pollution;

With excellent electrical conductivity, no static electricity;

High strength, smooth welding seam, thin steel belt, smooth surface, suitable for small diameter roller.


Steel belt material


MSS1650, MSS1500, AS1200



Small precision steel belt use in


  The electrical conductivity for conveying semiconductor,electronic products,electronic components and medical supplies. Heating resistance for drying resin diaphragm, printed substrate and electronic component.




Application industry


Packaging industry can use the steel belt to carry out the continuous production of hot-sealing package, aluminum plastic and full-plastic hose;

Photovoltaic industry, for silicon cutting and silicon wafer welding;

Manufacture of yarn in the textile industry;

Transmission belt of oil-water separator in environmental protection industry;

Continuous plating;

Precision transmission in the automation industry, such as synchronous transmission and round-trip drive;

Gem cutting, glass cutting and so on in the new material industry.